Mr Giveaway

Mr giveaway

How Does It Work?

MarQuis Trill started the giveaway movement on twitter back in 2013. Since then he has done a numerous amount of giveaways such a home makeovers partnering with Habitat For Humanity, Concert Tickets, Shoes, iphones, Cash and the list goes on. In 2019 MarQuis Trill decided to go further into the giveaways by using his large following and influence to help those that follow him. One of the ways an Influencer gets paid on social media is thru brand advertisement to post about a service or product. Now MarQuis Trill has found a way to be not only the first but different than most influencers. By Partnering with a brand/celebrity/business on collaborating and or sponsoring the giveaway via Internet and social media. Making all parties involved happy. Bringing engagement, advertisement and making people happy all at once. All from the vision of MarQuis Trill. Checkout all MarQuis Trill social media platforms and to keep up with all the giveaways this year. Enjoy

P.S Don't ever think you're the person that won't win a giveaway or your story won't be seen or heard by MarQuis Trill because thousands of people submit. That just might be the reason you win or be heard!

Tell me your Story

MarQuis Trill wants to hear your story. It can be about your struggle, experiences, need, want, care, problems in life. Also accepting stories on behalf of others. If you think someone out there deserves a chance, break or help write on their behalf. Submissions are accepted by all people no matter your age, location, size, gender or race. Tell MarQuis Trill your story.